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Универсальная режущая мельница - 50-700 об/мин


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  • Rotor speed 50-700 rpm, variable adjustable
  • Max. feed size 120 x 85 mm
  • Max. throughput: 85 l/h
  • Optimised Clean Design for maximum ease of cleaning
  • Maintenance–free 5 kW three-phase motor with frequency converter


  • ROHS

    Variable 50–700 rpm for powerful comminution for larger amounts

    The PULVERISETTE 19 large is our powerful low-speed Universal Cutting Mill for fast reproducible comminution of hard, tough-elastic and temperature sensitive materials and plastics  with a maximum feed size of 120 x 85 mm and a throughput of up to 85 l/h with a low rotational speed of 50-700 rpm and a maintenance-free 2.8 kW three-phase motor with frequency converter

    Due to the variable rotational speed adjustment in increments of ten between 50 and 700 rpm and a torque of up to 67 Nm enables the PULVERISETTE 19 large due to the combination of low cutting rate and extreme cutting forces a very powerful comminution.

    At the same time, it is the ideal solution for all cases where e.g. thermal damage, the loss of highly volatile substances, or an excessively high fine share need to be avoided. And the PULVERISETTE 19 is also ideal for RoHS tests. Due to Clean Design the PULVERISETTE 19 is quickly and simply cleaned and offers a reliable protection against cross-contamination.

    FRITSCH also offers a high-speed Universal Cutting Mill Large with 300-3000 rpm for a fine comminution.


    Unique grinding chamber geometry

    The sample material is comminuted according to the cutting principle of scissors between the cutting edges of the rotor and the fixed knives in the grinding chamber until the desired final fineness is achieved. Unique grinding chamber geometry: The grinding chamber is designed with minimal dead space and progressive cutting geometry between rotor and fixed knives. The sample material is continuously moved during comminution and cannot settle anywhere. In conjunctions with the special air flow, this is the basis for swift, blockage-free operation and fast cleaning without residue.

    Running stabilisation due to flywheel mass

    The Universal Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 19 large is equipped with a flywheel mass to stabilize the drive torque. This ensures stable operation even for extreme short-term load, as well as an optimal comminution result.

    • Fast, reproducible and gentle pre-crushing – rotor speed 50/700 rpm
    • Max. feed size: 120 x 85 mm
    • Throughput quantity of up to 85 l/h
    • Defined final fineness due to interchangeable sieve cassettes 0.5 – 10 mm, (further sieve sizes available)
    • Collection vessel 3 litres or 10 litres
    • Optimised Clean Design for maximum ease of cleaning
    • Practical operation directly on the front panel
    • Externally adjustable cutting gap
    • Maintenance–free 2.8 kW three-phase motor with frequency converter
    • Single-phase versions with maintenance-free three phase frequency converter
    • Double cone bearing of the rotor for long service life
    • Different rotors for multi-functional use
    • Rotor knives and fixed knives are exchangeable for long-lasting quality
    • Wear-free labyrinth seals made of stainless steel on both sides of the rotor – on the shaft and in the lid
    • Protected funnel with sample pusher, 3 litres
    • Optimum airflow for particularly fast size reduction and secure protection against clogging
    • Extensive accessories for simplifying your daily work

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    Unmatched easy cleaning!

    While you are still tightening the screws on other mills, your FRITSCH Cutting Mill is already clean. Because with just a few simple motions the entire grinding chamber can be opened and rotor and sieve cassette can be removed without tools. The housing and lid can be lifted back completely, and the grinding chamber lid can be completely removed from the hinges.

    FRITSCH-Plus: The sieve cassettes with square perforation made of stainless steel 316L for all PULVERISETTES 19 and PULVERISTTES large models are laser welded and ensure with less dead space a clearly simpler cleaning.

    Removable wear-free labyrinth seals for fast, residue-free cleaning

    The labyrinth seals made of stainless steel – on both sides of the rotor as well as on the shaft and in the lid - are wear-free and offer effective contamination protection and no additional heat effect for your samples.


    Effective comminution with dry ice and liquid nitrogen

    Due to the well-conceived instrument design and the materials used, it is no problem to comminute pre-cooled materials or samples embrittled with liquid nitrogen.
    The improved breaking behaviour enables efficient comminution also of sticky, tough-elastic or temperature-sensitive materials with dry ice or after previous embrittlement of the sample with liquid nitrogen.


    Complete operation at the front

    The well-designed control panel keeps all functions, including the on/off switch, easily accessible on the instrument's front panel. The rotational speed is set in increments of ten with the plus/minus buttons and shown on the digital display.


    Configure your Power Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 25 exactly to your specific application

    The Power Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 25 is delivered without funnel, cutting tool set (consisting of rotors and fixed knives), sieve cassette, collection vessel and stand.
    Various funnels, collection vessels, rotors with fixed knives, sieve cassettes and stand enable you to configure the Power Cutting Mill exactly for your application.

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